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A E & E Fire is a leading fire-service solutions provider, dedicated to ensuring the safety and protection of individuals and properties from the devastating impact of fires. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, E & E Fire offers a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art fire safety solutions. Their expert team of professionals specializes in fire prevention, detection, suppression, and emergency response services, catering to a diverse clientele that includes residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. E & E Fire’s cutting-edge technologies, rigorous training programs, and unwavering dedication make it a trusted partner in safeguarding communities and businesses from the ever-present threat of fire.

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Sprinkler System


E & E Fire and Security offers several types of fire sprinkler systems in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas for commercial and residential buildings. Our options include:

Wet Pipe Sprinkler System:

The most common type, wet pipe systems constantly contain pressurized water. When the system activates upon fire detection, the sprinkler heads open.

Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler:

This type of fire sprinkler works like a dry pipe system and uses a double interlock configuration. Two sensors must be activated to open the sprinkler heads and let the water flow. Pre-action fire sprinklers are recommended for locations with high-value items that could be damaged from accidental activation, like in data centers and libraries.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler System:

Dry pipe systems are filled with pressurized air or nitrogen, so they work better for buildings prone to freezing. The sprinkler heads open when a fire is detected, the pressure drops, then the water valve opens the flow.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler System:

In deluge systems, the sprinkler heads are always open so the pipes remain empty and unpressurized. A large volume of water travels through when the system is activated to douse flames in larger environments like warehouses or stadiums.

Our Professional Installation Process

Once you’ve approved the design of your fire suppression system and we fabricate it in-house, it’s imperative that your choice of fire protection will operate effectively in an emergency. That’s why our vetted and tested installers will ensure your fire sprinkler or suppression system is placed and configured properly. Our team saves you time, eliminates guesswork and removes the risk of damaged equipment or injury due to improper installation.

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Business owners and residents throughout Salt Lake City, St. George and Nevada turn to us to find the fire control system that best suits their needs and budget. E & E Fire is a full-service solutions provider of home and business fire protection in Nevada and Utah, here to help with everything from consulting and strategy to programming and monitoring.

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