Fire Extinguishers in Nevada & Utah

Fire Extinguishers are one of the most effective and cost–efficient items of safety equipment. We can provide the type of extinguisher you need for your exact hazard. We sell several top brands, including Ansul, and can maintain and recharge any brand of extinguisher. We also provide a full line of kitchen hood and industrial dry chemical fire suppression products for cooking facilities and other special situations.

Types of Fire Extinguisher Systems We Supply

Fire extinguishers are classified using a series of letters. This identification system comes into play when determining the source of a fire. E & E Fire connects you to the following fire extinguishers for businesses:

Class A:
Suitable for solid combustible materials including wood, rubber, and plastic products.

Class B:
Designed to diminish fires involving liquid paint, gasoline, or grease.

Class C:
A safe method to douse fires caused by electrical components

Class D:
Appropriate for flammable metals.

Class K:
Specifically for kitchen fires originating from cooking fats and oils.

Purple-K Class:
Feature dry chemical agents that are purple in color. These agents can control extreme class B fires using potassium bicarbonate.

Select fire extinguishers are safe to use on multiple fire types. E & E Fire can introduce you to ABC and BC varieties for versatility.

Contact us for further information about fire extinguishers

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